Drawing down the U

Drawing helps to get through the trickier parts of the U. The change model by Otto Scharmer. I describe how drawing helps to move along the four fields of conversation: Downloading, Debate, Dialogue and Presencing. And how it supports the creation of actionable results on the way back up.

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Drawing down the U_2

Record Reflect Reframe

Record Reflect Reframe 20160705 print

The field of working visually ranges from visual products to effectively capture information to drawing interventions to come to new perspectives. I arranged the different fields of working visually along the axis Record (to register data) – Reflect (an image to use as a source for further reflection) – Reframe (to purposefully move to new ways of looking at the topic). Along this line I set out the visual work with a focus on the product and on the process. The fields of recording and reflecting are well covered. The field of reframing by using visual interventions is less developed, I love to hear from others who are working in this area and share experiences. On how to use drawing to support deep learning.