I help consultants, coaches and managers to map out the change questions they work on. Together we explore what is going on and which concepts are helpful to deepen understanding.

Sketching and iterating we get to the core of the issue, and we find ways to proceed.

As your visual sparring partner I combine three lines of expertise

Built over the last 20 years – working as an organizational consultant, coach and teacher:


Why Visuals in Progress?

I draw to support your thinking process – or we draw together. Visuals in Progress are the working material to gain insight.

When you map out your thinking you offload your working memory – so you can further develop your thoughts. And investigate them.

Visuals in Progress are easy to share

 I turn sketches into visuals that invite people to explore them:

– to grasp key concepts in development processes
– and to discuss them with each other.

Different views are easier to work with when you can look at them side by side

In the end the goal of Visuals in Progress is to help you reframe thinking processes – and to support dialogue.

I also use this website to share visuals of key insights in thinking, looking and living – see: Visuals in Progress.

For more information on my curriculum vitae, see my linkedin page.

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