Are you busy with learning and development? Yourself, with your team or with you organisation? I help you to map out the change you want to make.

How do you do that?

I draw out your thinking, and the thoughts of the people you work with.

We use that as a base to explore and experiment. For instance in a visual sparring session, a workshop or in a change visual. On the way you learn visual thinking techniques you can apply in your daily work.

Why do you focus on visual thinking?

If you map out your question together, you listen better and you get to the core of the matter.

And what is your experience with change processes?

I have a love-hate relationship with change management.

I have worked as a strategy consultant, an organisational developer, a trainer and a coach. I love to tackle difficulties in change issues. Why do we so often end up where we do not want to be?

But top-down trajectories and vague concepts are not for me. I want to work with you on questions that matter.

I draw to make abstract change language concrete

A drawing helps to gain insight in a situation: It provides footing. And when you have a sense of footing you are more willing to move.

Drawing together has more benefits

During a master in professional change management I studied how drawing supports dialogue. Drawing improves your conversations in two ways:

  1. You understand the content more quickly and you get to the core.
  2. The relationship with the participants improves: You ask more questions and you listen better.

I specialized in visual thinking and in 2015 I started with Visuals in Progress.

Why in progress?

I use drawing to support your thinking proces: If you get to the core, you create room to explore further. The drawings are working material to gain insight.

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