Do you want to get clarity in a complex change question? Or do you want to explore your professional identity? In a 2 hour visual reflection session we get to the core.

I draw and write during our conversation. We discuss these visuals in progress on the way and explore further. Sometimes I ask you to draw something. Don’t worry, you will also manage when you are not used to drawing.

‘You know what you think when you see it in front of you.’

It was a co-creation: Drawing together and making something half-finished. There was room for coincidences, intuition and inspiration. Because Kim at first handled the marker I could freely associate and felt invited to share my what was on my mind.

My ideas, thoughts and feelings came in line. The constraint of a piece of paper helped me to get my inner world out in an organized way.

The visual process helped us to come to a workable essence.

Victor Burger, Consultant and  Partner at Gooiconsult

Your professional identity is elusive. When you are able to map it out, it helps you to make decisions in your work. And to direct your professional development. It is also easier to communicate what you can contribute.

‘Kim constantly triggers me with questions that I would not think of as quickly myself.’

Ofcourse I had thought about my professional identity before, but not as deep as we did during the session. I saw the connections between the different parts. I still have a broad profile, but I can clearly communicate where it comes together when I am in front of a client.

Karin Kerckhaert, Sigadi Management and Organizational Development

I can also make a drawing of what you stand for. For instance  in a visual of your vision on learning and change.

Or are you ready for a next step?

Together we map out the themes that matter to you. We look for connections and get to the essence.

When you draw out your thinking you create space in your mind. That helps to untangle the knot and to explore different directions.

Practical and down to earth

Kim helped me to sort out what I wanted. Her questions stimulated me to think off the beaten track. Her approach is practical and down to earth. My ideas became clear because we drew them out. That made it easier to take the step from business to the academic world.

Noortje Temmerman, HRM professor at Leiden University of Applied Sciences

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