Do you need clarity on where you want to go as a team? Does the way you work together not deliver the desired results? We draw it out and get to the core of the issue. Along the way you develop your visual thinking capacity.

I deliver visual thinking workshops for management teams and for teams of professionals in learning and change.

We focus our visual thinking power at the question that is on the table

Together with the team we got a better view on what we needed to support the growth of Dreamsolution. I realized again how important it is to draw. To scribble stuff on paper, even when you think it is clear what you are talking about. The workshop could have lasted longer than the four hours we planned.

Ilja Maas, Solutions Architect and Partner at Dreamsolution

Some examples of clients and their questions

“We want to stay in touch as a learning community. How do we find a way that works?”
Alumnus of a Change Management Master Program at Sioo

“We work in an agile way: Everyone has their role. I want our people to think about how they are going to fulfill their role.”
Managing Partner of a consulting company.

We turn an abstract concept into something concrete

I don’t want to use the term ‘comfort zone’, but still: Drawing pushed me to make things more concrete. To sort out what I really thought and to put it forward. I gained insight in how the other members of my team thought about self-organizing teams. And what we wanted to achieve with this new way of working.

Joost Meijs, then CEO at Zideris, now member of the Board of Directors at SOVAK

‘Kim is a very good listener’

She gives people room to think and talk and she gets to the core in no time.

Gerdien Heerink, Organizational consultant and Partner at

An  in-company visual thinking training is also an option

From drawing basics to visual thinking at the next level: Put you visual thinking power and that of others to use in your professional reflection and in coaching sessions.

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